Five Ways to Show Your Support for the New Money Untangled Podcast

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We’re excited to announce that the Money Untangled podcast is finally here. The Money Untangled Podcast is a show about your money, your stories, your goals, and how to gain the confidence you need to experience the freedom you always wanted.

We’ve released a pilot episode discussing emergency funds, future episodes, and more. This is the first of many episodes that we will deliver, and we aim to produce content you can use on your journey towards reaching your goals.

If you’re wondering how you can show your support for this project, here are five ways you can show your support for the Money Untangled Podcast.

1. Listen to the podcast.

Download the first episode and listen. We think you’ll enjoy it. It’s 13 minutes of Daniel and I discussing emergency funds, and other Money Untangled stuff.

2. Subscribe on iTunes and other platforms.

As of yesterday, we are on iTunes. But we’re still waiting to be approved for Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, and Spotify. We’ll let you know as soon as we’re available in those directories.

3. Give us a positive rating and review.

If you enjoyed the teaser, take time out to review us wherever you see the podcast. This helps us become more visible to other potential listeners and readers.

4. Become a Patron

Consider becoming a patron for as little as $1/month. Once we have five patrons, this guarantees one podcast a month and one article a week.

IMPORTANT: $1/month doesn’t include the tier rewards but it does make you a patron, and you’re entered into all of the giveaways.

5. Join the Money Untangled group for discussions.

The Money Untangled group is where the action happens. I think we have some of the best group members on Facebook and they’re eager to help and encourage everyone who joins. After we release an episode, we’ll start a discussion in the group based on whatever topic was covered.

We’re excited about this new podcast, and we hope you find it useful on your journey towards financial freedom.


About Phillip Holmes

Phillip is a seasoned writer and speaker who has worked with numerous clients to help them take control of their finances. Still digging his way out of debt, Phillip aims to speak and write with conviction, insight, and compassion. He is married to Jasmine and they have a little boy, Wynn.

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